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site announcements
194 Posts in 150 topics, Last post: Thursday, 04-Feb-2016 11:23:06
!CL Candidates
Discuss those applying to become a Community Leader
174 Posts in 12 topics, Last post: Wednesday, 20-May-2015 23:14:03
accessible Devices
Get tips and discuss how to obtain and use accessible devices such as talking and braille items, notetakers, MP3 players, etc. Note that cell phones and computers have their own boards.
10125 Posts in 889 topics, Last post: yesterday 22:35:02
Accessible Games
All types of games for all sorts of people.
10263 Posts in 957 topics, Last post: yesterday 22:57:08
Animal House
For everyone's best friends.
7978 Posts in 505 topics, Last post: Saturday, 09-Sep-2017 16:29:59
Archived Boards and Old Topics
Here's where all the "dead" boards and topics are.
1 Posts in 1 topics, Last post: Thursday, 06-Sep-2007 14:26:17
book Nook
come here to talk about books
7909 Posts in 840 topics, Last post: Tuesday, 19-Sep-2017 0:19:15
Broadcaster's Lounge
radio talk.
4096 Posts in 434 topics, Last post: Wednesday, 16-Aug-2017 17:38:04
Cell Phone Talk
Whether it's the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or another flavor, this is your new dedicated home to talk all things cellular.
6687 Posts in 459 topics, Last post: today 0:19:30
Cinema 31
From TV to movies, we've got the small screen and big screen covered.
4763 Posts in 571 topics, Last post: Friday, 15-Sep-2017 10:52:24
Crafts and Hobbies
For the creative part in you.
1138 Posts in 99 topics, Last post: Saturday, 26-Aug-2017 8:25:06
Cram Session
The place for students to talk school stuff, resources, tips, and student life.
2920 Posts in 360 topics, Last post: Sunday, 30-Jul-2017 13:39:45
Daily Living
Tips, tricks, and how-tos.
7019 Posts in 391 topics, Last post: Saturday, 16-Sep-2017 17:37:30
Dating and Relationships
Dating, romance, and what may follow. Your experiences, questions, and comments.
20962 Posts in 622 topics, Last post: Saturday, 16-Sep-2017 10:40:56
Elder Folk
For our older Zoners and friends.
510 Posts in 60 topics, Last post: Sunday, 17-Sep-2017 8:57:35
Fix It
Please post any site bugs here, including site issues, duplicate posts, etc. This allows the first CL online to address your concern, rather than having to wait to contact a CL who is currently online
159 Posts in 20 topics, Last post: Monday, 11-Sep-2017 13:36:37
Game Parlor
Looking for some cheap fun? Play along with user-created games and contests.
134311 Posts in 393 topics, Last post: Friday, 08-Sep-2017 11:08:50
Garage Sale
Buy, sell, trade, barter, haggle, promote, announce anything.
4334 Posts in 1154 topics, Last post: Sunday, 23-Jul-2017 7:15:57
Geeks r Us
For computer geeks, freaks, and eggheads.
36834 Posts in 4546 topics, Last post: Wednesday, 13-Sep-2017 14:36:02
Getting to Know You
Introduce yourself.
7114 Posts in 571 topics, Last post: Monday, 24-Jul-2017 15:37:51
Grub Garage
Food and drink from fast food to gourmet.
4766 Posts in 415 topics, Last post: Sunday, 16-Apr-2017 0:46:23
Health and Wellness
For your medical problems and questions
6947 Posts in 556 topics, Last post: Saturday, 29-Jul-2017 23:04:16
Hear No Evil - See No Evil
for our deaf-blind users and friends of those who are deaf-blind.
283 Posts in 38 topics, Last post: Friday, 30-Jun-2017 10:25:00
In Memoriam
In remembrance of past zoners. Please keep things respectful. Inappropriate comments/posts are subject to warning/ban.
690 Posts in 18 topics, Last post: Sunday, 10-Sep-2017 20:59:31
Jam Session
Where music lives
10041 Posts in 974 topics, Last post: Saturday, 02-Sep-2017 4:29:11
Jobs and Employment
Looking for a job? or on-the-job Job advice? Your place for job leads, tips, and tricks.
2884 Posts in 288 topics, Last post: Wednesday, 26-Jul-2017 14:46:55
Joke Board
So this blind guy walks into a bar...
14437 Posts in 2872 topics, Last post: yesterday 20:48:05
Language and Culture
Learn about your fellow Zoners' cultures, beliefs, and values! Along with the languages they speak!
1147 Posts in 137 topics, Last post: Sunday, 23-Oct-2016 18:47:18
Let's talk
General discussion that doesn't fit into another board.
72802 Posts in 3029 topics, Last post: today 0:10:37
News and Views
express your opinions on the latest happenings
9030 Posts in 659 topics, Last post: Saturday, 02-Sep-2017 13:44:46
Parent Talk
The place for parents, both current and prospective, to give and receive tips and advice on all things child related
4997 Posts in 263 topics, Last post: Wednesday, 22-Feb-2017 15:50:24
Safe Haven
The Zone BBS's family-oriented board.
5947 Posts in 227 topics, Last post: Friday, 15-Sep-2017 22:13:12
Singles Spit Swap
Single? Looking?
4897 Posts in 307 topics, Last post: Monday, 08-May-2017 6:57:46
Social Networking
For all things ... well... Social!
310 Posts in 35 topics, Last post: Monday, 07-Nov-2016 16:42:47
Sports Bar
From pro to college to amateur, this is your turf.
1283 Posts in 213 topics, Last post: Friday, 25-Nov-2016 0:22:00
Teen Topics
The hot spot for teenagers.
2465 Posts in 117 topics, Last post: Sunday, 29-Jan-2017 2:13:58
the Rant Board
mad? tell us about it
20321 Posts in 711 topics, Last post: Wednesday, 20-Sep-2017 23:10:01
The Rave Board
This would be the opposite of the rant board.
2429 Posts in 209 topics, Last post: Thursday, 10-Aug-2017 18:04:30
Travel and Tourism
Oh the places you'll go.
695 Posts in 82 topics, Last post: Sunday, 18-Jun-2017 10:53:09
Writers Block
Show us your creativity.
10070 Posts in 1781 topics, Last post: Sunday, 03-Sep-2017 9:53:59
Zone BBS Q&A
Questions and answers for new users and all.
2551 Posts in 322 topics, Last post: yesterday 13:35:22
Zone BBS Suggestions and Feedback
a place for your suggestions and comments.
19194 Posts in 1675 topics, Last post: today 0:02:26