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faithfulwolfUnique and Unusual animal Encounters35 poststoday 5:17:10 by loves animals294 views
CrazyMusicianGuide dogs in winter?30 postsThursday, 17-Apr-2014 5:08:53 by loves animals541 views
UniqueOneI'm getting a guide dog25 postsThursday, 17-Apr-2014 5:00:08 by loves animals284 views
daigoniteWhat pets do you own?20 postsThursday, 17-Apr-2014 4:56:12 by loves animals178 views
CrazyMusicianFear of guide dog?58 postsSaturday, 12-Apr-2014 8:15:57 by loves animals507 views
LeoGuardianDog aggression: How to avoid it?25 postsSaturday, 12-Apr-2014 8:06:00 by loves animals241 views
ImprecatorThis is way beyond appalling26 postsTuesday, 08-Apr-2014 22:17:20 by wild orca375 views
NickyComplimentary eye exams for Service Animals1 postThursday, 27-Mar-2014 5:52:10 by 00 views
NickyComplimentary eye exams for Service Animals1 postThursday, 27-Mar-2014 5:51:22 by 00 views
NickyDogs will be dogs52 postsThursday, 13-Mar-2014 13:53:39 by CrazyMusician927 views
MelissaOkay, cat lovers...45 postsTuesday, 18-Feb-2014 3:21:03 by JerseyGirl19891162 views
CrazyMusicianScroungy guide dog?25 postsTuesday, 11-Feb-2014 10:52:59 by CrazyMusician309 views
booklover256new problem for guide dog users on planes35 postsMonday, 10-Feb-2014 14:20:47 by CrazyMusician1359 views
UniqueOneWhat would you have?30 postsMonday, 10-Feb-2014 12:40:43 by Imprecator290 views
cameronjamesPilot Dogs Guide Dog School117 posts
2 pages
Saturday, 08-Feb-2014 0:34:45 by Mozart716835 views
DrummerDPrefered cat breeds anyone?25 postsFriday, 07-Feb-2014 22:53:16 by loves animals246 views
joshknnd1982cats or dogs?9 postsFriday, 07-Feb-2014 22:17:46 by loves animals72 views
NickyDoggy foot care14 postsSaturday, 01-Feb-2014 20:33:57 by UniqueOne268 views
wild orcadifferent name for your guide dog in public33 postsSaturday, 01-Feb-2014 0:59:34 by HauntedReverie341 views
NickyThe Effects of Fraudulent Service Dogs95 postsFriday, 17-Jan-2014 5:16:26 by loves animals852 views
Domestic GoddessGiving up a Guide24 postsSaturday, 04-Jan-2014 20:20:39 by loves animals754 views
wild orcafunny things our guide dogs and pets do49 postsFriday, 03-Jan-2014 3:39:02 by loves animals698 views
CrazyMusicianGuide Dog and trains?14 postsWednesday, 01-Jan-2014 17:57:54 by wild orca211 views
NynaeveBlind Man And Guide Dog Off Flight29 postsWednesday, 01-Jan-2014 16:34:52 by wild orca449 views
horror freak13Seeing Eye Horses?18 postsThursday, 07-Nov-2013 3:23:28 by loves animals358 views
ArtRock1224Guide Dogs - What's the Appeal?133 posts
2 pages
Wednesday, 30-Oct-2013 1:08:49 by BryanP222177 views
Blue VelvetParisian cafe serves up more than coffee18 postsWednesday, 16-Oct-2013 4:11:03 by loves animals318 views
gizmobearretirment4 postsMonday, 14-Oct-2013 8:55:50 by gizmobear185 views
CrazyMusicianI am starting guide dog training@32 postsFriday, 04-Oct-2013 17:50:37 by loves animals442 views
JerseyGirl1989Clicker-Training your Cats? Has anyone done this?23 postsTuesday, 01-Oct-2013 1:24:12 by JerseyGirl1989403 views
hardyboy09Pet Supplies For Sale.2 postsTuesday, 01-Oct-2013 0:38:23 by hardyboy09148 views
l_borgiaHedgehog6 postsFriday, 27-Sep-2013 5:44:31 by loves animals208 views
MeowGEB Training Question11 postsFriday, 27-Sep-2013 0:11:46 by Meow222 views
JerseyGirl1989Litterbox questions.71 postsSunday, 15-Sep-2013 23:13:57 by JerseyGirl1989667 views
loves animalslosing pets19 postsWednesday, 11-Sep-2013 5:03:55 by loves animals288 views
joshknnd1982unusual pets53 postsSunday, 08-Sep-2013 9:37:49 by BryanP22653 views
FaithinGod4everNaming your animal companions?4 postsFriday, 06-Sep-2013 8:18:40 by loves animals127 views
Blue VelvetHomer, blind cat made famous in book, has died4 postsMonday, 02-Sep-2013 0:59:09 by loves animals152 views
MeowAny GEB October Class Trainees?1 postThursday, 29-Aug-2013 19:16:31 by Meow155 views
jewel389guide dog burn out?16 postsWednesday, 31-Jul-2013 12:52:11 by wild orca576 views
Sword of SapphireUsing a prong collar23 postsWednesday, 31-Jul-2013 12:22:42 by wild orca1103 views
Frozen TeardropWhen and Where should i get a guide dog5 postsTuesday, 30-Jul-2013 21:46:21 by wild orca289 views
pisces_dreamerOwner trained dog guides and other things20 postsWednesday, 17-Jul-2013 9:21:07 by frex65816 views
loves animalsa question3 postsMonday, 15-Jul-2013 6:43:34 by loves animals138 views
Sword of SapphireAccessible World conference on Guide horses3 postsTuesday, 09-Jul-2013 10:52:33 by louisa141 views
loves animalsfunny things your cat has done16 postsMonday, 01-Jul-2013 0:47:35 by loves animals293 views
pianoplayer4jesusany blind dog trainers out there?2 postsThursday, 20-Jun-2013 20:31:17 by mistressamber87131 views
MASRandom act of a dog4 postsSaturday, 15-Jun-2013 20:20:11 by loves animals265 views
KTis this normal?7 postsSaturday, 15-Jun-2013 7:35:18 by loves animals417 views
FaithinGod4everCat help, please!25 postsTuesday, 11-Jun-2013 22:10:53 by BryanP22822 views

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