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TheBlindPianistSites for Stories?3 postsyesterday 3:42:17 by TheBlindPianist34 views
TheBlindPianistAnyone here like Twilight? (girls only)36 postsTuesday, 01-Apr-2014 23:56:39 by TheBlindPianist241 views
TheBlindPianistMy horrable experiences at band events2 postsSaturday, 29-Mar-2014 0:45:02 by GreenTurtle47 views
LeoGuardianCrossing the Line?56 postsSunday, 29-Dec-2013 0:46:11 by Stormwing800 views
QueenOfTheSeaForevergenuinely curious10 postsTuesday, 03-Sep-2013 14:16:21 by Dolce Eleganza319 views
QueenOfTheSeaForeverold friend trouble?29 postsThursday, 29-Aug-2013 18:27:21 by Domestic Goddess579 views
mat the musiciantech that will save you from blindness and heal you43 postsFriday, 22-Feb-2013 12:31:03 by Voyager1439 views
Miss Gorgeoustop ten30 postsTuesday, 30-Oct-2012 17:37:03 by Nature2543 views
RakimThe Fear of Entering College13 postsMonday, 13-Aug-2012 12:27:23 by Carolina Rose1358 views
devinpraterthe summer3 postsThursday, 26-Jul-2012 7:58:53 by moumoku-ninja97417 views
moumoku-ninja97any fellow anime freaks?16 postsTuesday, 17-Jul-2012 23:13:47 by The_Blind_Guardian805 views
GreenTurtleis it weird to get along better with the opposite sex?50 postsWednesday, 27-Jun-2012 11:54:18 by LeoGuardian2107 views
techgirlUsing Notetakers?59 postsSaturday, 02-Jun-2012 22:06:40 by LeoGuardian3103 views
moumoku-ninja97how can i tell her....?36 postsSaturday, 02-Jun-2012 10:27:08 by Dagne Minerva Holmes903 views
jen91_09Facebook anyone?57 postsThursday, 10-May-2012 1:55:33 by moumoku-ninja972760 views
forereelMessenger safety!18 postsThursday, 06-Oct-2011 9:52:18 by Lisa's Girl forever1239 views
I lean Doverparents and independence12 postsSaturday, 06-Aug-2011 20:17:48 by calypso451027 views
devinpraterIs there any way I can escape from the blind school?67 postsMonday, 20-Jun-2011 14:25:05 by GreenTurtle1473 views
Emerald-HourglassJust a little survey I made up (aimed toards teens),31 postsSunday, 19-Jun-2011 13:05:32 by Lisa's Girl forever1791 views
audioadictStaying home alone, your experiences?98 postsTuesday, 07-Jun-2011 7:13:37 by devinprater3276 views
retrieverdogAre you the only blind kid in school?48 postsSunday, 29-May-2011 21:24:57 by Your Face!3217 views
HaYnkane808old favorite toys?55 postsWednesday, 20-Apr-2011 11:32:26 by mat the musician2504 views
_rory_books for teens41 postsTuesday, 22-Mar-2011 11:53:51 by Lisa's Girl forever2658 views
Morgan_Lynncan someone really say if you wer in love or not?11 postsMonday, 14-Mar-2011 11:59:40 by Lisa's Girl forever1487 views
dissonanceembarrassing moments55 postsThursday, 10-Mar-2011 11:52:06 by Lisa's Girl forever2555 views
GreenTurtleTeen love33 postsMonday, 07-Mar-2011 10:36:10 by Lisa's Girl forever2727 views
odicyhugs22 postsTuesday, 08-Feb-2011 8:55:00 by dark sapphire1686 views
cocchPredominantly for legally to totally blind teens between the9 postsSunday, 02-Jan-2011 16:47:07 by coryJ2010 views
Queen Latinagossip board16 postsTuesday, 28-Dec-2010 21:09:01 by KC8PNL1607 views
dark sapphirefor those who plan to vote when they become of age6 postsSaturday, 18-Sep-2010 11:28:22 by dark sapphire955 views
LeoGuardianPoints Giveaway to one winner31 postsThursday, 09-Sep-2010 9:15:42 by OceanDream1906 views
The SHU interpreterIs it hard for you to find your clothes in the mall cause of your size?55 postsFriday, 30-Jul-2010 18:38:23 by The SHU interpreter1867 views
retrieverdogcan you live without your cane?45 postsFriday, 21-May-2010 21:00:10 by LeoGuardian2106 views
BeautyQueenWho Has It Better, Boys Or Girls38 postsSaturday, 17-Apr-2010 19:09:30 by z7261787 views
dark sapphirenew friends20 postsSunday, 14-Mar-2010 21:59:30 by singingsensation1639 views
OceanDreamwho gets annoyed with parents?26 postsSunday, 14-Mar-2010 21:26:34 by singingsensation1590 views
Windows Vista home Basicweird, but stupid dreams-5 postsFriday, 26-Feb-2010 18:43:36 by Jeromea879 views
birdlovermusic and accessibility on computers and other stuff2 postsFriday, 26-Feb-2010 18:42:06 by Jeromea707 views
Yavanna Kementarispecial school vs mainstream schools28 postsThursday, 24-Dec-2009 19:46:35 by Dagne Minerva Holmes2022 views
krismeWhat Kinds of Schools Have You Attended?35 postsThursday, 24-Dec-2009 16:03:51 by Feathered Serpent1783 views
audioadictBaby sitting, anyone?51 postsThursday, 05-Nov-2009 1:25:12 by Dagne Minerva Holmes1709 views
DeliciousFriends35 postsTuesday, 03-Nov-2009 0:50:20 by Dagne Minerva Holmes1908 views
Maiden of the Moonlightyouthslam this year?7 postsSaturday, 20-Jun-2009 11:25:13 by Maiden of the Moonlight1180 views
MindySerenefoaming soap anyone?9 postsWednesday, 03-Jun-2009 4:20:43 by Maiden of the Moonlight1779 views
Feathered Serpentwhat camps did you get excepted too this year?7 postsWednesday, 29-Apr-2009 14:23:55 by Big Pawed Bear1096 views
krismeFavorite High School memories12 postsSunday, 12-Apr-2009 6:25:42 by ILoveS331807 views
ILoveS33Help With Speech5 postsSunday, 12-Apr-2009 6:15:18 by ILoveS33934 views
Miss GorgeousYouth Slam 2009 - Everyone can join.12 postsThursday, 09-Apr-2009 15:58:04 by Inu-Princess20062285 views
Miss Gorgeous21 questions.15 postsMonday, 30-Mar-2009 21:37:02 by PorkInCider1341 views
Emerald-HourglassHow To Get Him To Confess He Lied6 postsSaturday, 21-Mar-2009 18:14:27 by Sword of Sapphire1458 views

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