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Topic: Goind from blind to Deaf-Blind
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I can't call it a day til I enter the zone BBS
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Thursday, 14-May-2009 11:03:06

Hi All. I mentioned before about the hearing loss I would eventually have to deal with. Well it has occured. One year ago I only had a mild hearing loss. Now it is a moderately severe loss. I do not know how quick I will lose the remaining hearing. When I do, I will be completely deaf and blind. The majority of people who are deaf blind are not completely. I am having to figure out communication methods with the public, and how to do things without hearing. I'm not having much luck with this. Does anyone have any tips for daily living forthe db? Everything I had that I used to help me talked, and well talking things don't work for me anymore.

Are there any total db on this board? I'm needing to find help transitioning to this dark and silent world and also think of careers that a DB can successfuly do. Also any tips on parenting as a db? Right now my son and I do fine. He shows me what he wants and I don't have to listen to what he says most of the time I just know what he wants. But as he gets older I'm sure he will want more and mor communication and go places. I have squeeky shoes for im but with my hearing now I can't tell where the noise is coming from. So any parenting tips would be great too. Thanks in advance.

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The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better.
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Thursday, 14-May-2009 11:55:55

Where to begin... As far as getting support from other deaf-blind people, the AADB (American Association of the Deaf-blind) has a good list of mailing lists you can join, along with lots of other resources that may help you. Check it out:
If you need deaf-blindness specific training, like all the stuff you mentioned above, I'd recommend finding a vocational goal you can settle with, and then contacting your state rehab agency and see if they can provide you with financial assistance to go to HKNC Which is the only facility in the US specializing in deaf-blind training. I'll write more later.

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Chris N
I just keep on posting!
790 posts
Thursday, 14-May-2009 16:37:09

I remember reading this book from Bookshare on orientation and mobility for deaf-blind adults. You might find it helpful.

Title: Independence Without Sight Or Sound: Suggestions For Practitioners Working With Deaf-Blind Adults

Author: Sauerburger, Dona

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The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better.
1479 posts
Saturday, 16-May-2009 12:04:01

That is a good book, and I know Dona as well. Another one on there is by Teresa Smith, and is called something like "guidelines in working and socializing with deaf-blind people." It's also available on bookshare. For adaptive equipment, try
Hear more

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I'm going for the prolific poster awards!
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Saturday, 16-May-2009 12:23:28

Good god. I can't help you at all, but you have my deepist symperthey.

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The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better.
1479 posts
Monday, 18-May-2009 21:11:14

And what good of a response is that b3n? If people gave you their deepest sympathy because you were blind, and that was all the answer they had for you, would you like that? Sympathy sucks and is primarily useless, as was that board post. So, b3n, you have my deepest sympathy for posting such a useless message. LOL

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I've broken five thousand! any more awards going?
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Tuesday, 19-May-2009 0:43:19

I completely agree. Is there anything on the american Foundation for the blind's web site about this kind of thing?

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Zone BBS Addict
115 posts
Tuesday, 19-May-2009 13:55:57

I know this would be a board where help is neded...
But I really don't believe that other people could just take off with someone if they felt what they were thinking at the moment.
Whilst others may try to help which is definitely a good thing, its natural I think to convey one's thoughts on hearing in this case, such a situation.
Besides, its better than nothing or just viewing the board and not expressing how you feel.
Just my opinion...

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I can't call it a day til I enter the zone BBS
218 posts
Wednesday, 20-May-2009 13:20:46

Thanks for those books I will get them and read through them both. Right now I am in Limbo hearing and deaf and the state will not help me learn sign. I'm lucky I already knew how to finger spell from when I was younger. I know a bit of sign that I picked up over the years, but not as much as I need to know to be effectively with interpretors at the doctor's office.

I will look at the AADB and see if they have any tips for me. And yes, it does suck and I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Being born a certain way is one thing but when abilities get taken from you it's hard to deal with. The older you are when it happens, the harder it is. Thanks for all your thoughts.

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