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Topic: Guide dog group
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the Zone BBS remains forever my home page
161 posts
Thursday, 24-Sep-2009 10:45:21

Hey guys,
I just wanted to let you know, that if anyone from here is signed up on blink nation, we're having our first guide dog group meeting on Saturday at 1 o'clock Eastern time. So far we've got 6 or 7 people in this group and they're all nice people and just want to share stories and have fun. It'll be in the chatroom and there's a message board if you have any comments. I know it's for another website, but we decided to create it and see what happens. I know that there's more guide dog users on here I think, so I thought I'd point it out. Hope to see you there on Saturday afternoon.

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Generic Zoner
10 posts
Sunday, 11-Oct-2009 20:38:08

I am interested in getting a guide dog. I posted this on another board. I want someone to talk to about guide dogs. I know how to train, treat, care for and groom dogs as pets, but I've never utilized one as a guide dog. What's the differences? I'm also a member of he NFB Performing Arts Division. Don't get scared, I'm not anti-ACB.

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happiness and change are choices
1449 posts
Tuesday, 13-Oct-2009 6:55:13

i'm on the track to get a dog myself. At the end of november, I'll be going to Guide Dogs for the blind in oregon. They have a new two week program for first timrs, and that's what i'll be doing. My daughter just got one and I have been so impressed that I decided to give it a try. From what I can see, if you have an empathy for and love of dogs and know how two take care of them, you are right on the path. going to school just introduces you to the one you will get, teaches you how to give him/her commands and the proper way to groom feed, etc. hope this answers your questions.

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Account disabled
244 posts
Thursday, 15-Oct-2009 23:45:26

I agree with Turricane. If you've alrady had experience in looking after dogs, you're right on the right track. They'll give you ll the commands and techniques you'll need once you get there.

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Veteran Zoner
84 posts
Sunday, 18-Oct-2009 0:07:09

As others have said, if you know how to care for a guide you have a great start. I am also a guide dog handler and have had my girl for 8 and a half years. as for differences in using a dog, let's see. You still use the same skills to navigate around as you do with a cane. You would still read traffic and such as well as give directions to your dog. Your dog is trained to keep you safe while you get from point a to point b. They will stop for overhead obsticles as well as changes in elivation. If you are at a corner and start to cross and some idiot driver decides to cut you off your dog is trained to pull you out of harms way. A big diffrence is the fact that you lose tactile feebback. You can go around poles and everything without realizing it is there. You can move quite fluidly. I am sure you probably have more questions and feel free to ask. I love having my guide and honestly can't imagine my lie without her. she will be ten in a few days and I just wrote something about my experiene with her. I am so glad she is with me and it is an amazing experience. But, the main thing to keep in mind is that it is a personal choice. Research different guide dogs schools to learn even more info as well as to look at what school you would want to go too if you decided to apply for a guide. I received my guide from Guide Dogs for the Blind and I also work there now and feel it is a great school however you need to find a school that meets your needs. I know this is probably more info then you ever wanted but it is late and I am rambling. lol

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Newborn Zoner
6 posts
Sunday, 15-Aug-2010 1:12:43

I agree with everyone. I graduated from Guide Dogs for the Blind in June and have really noticed some big differences with Rica and my cane. I really can't imagine how I lived without Rica in my life. She is a hard worker and an awesome girl! Good luck in making your decision.

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the Zone BBS remains forever my home page
161 posts
Friday, 27-Aug-2010 0:42:22

If anyone is interested, since this is an old post, I do host a guide dog conference on a phone conference line, i guess kind of like zbp. you have to be 18 or older to call. With this conference you can come from any school if you're a guide dog handler, and if you aren't, you can still come if you have questions or stories. The number to call is 724-444-3592. There's other conferences that go on to. It's a line strictly for blind or visually impaired people, but sighted people can join to. I guess they'd have to put up with people talking about canes or dogs, or technology. lol. Anyway, the group is at ten pm Eastern time on Wednesday nights, and around 5 or 6 pm eastern on Sunday evenings. We have an email list to, so if you're interested in calling and getting to know people, you can do that, and if you want to join this guide dog group, I can let you know when the meetings will be if you sign up to the email list.
Just thought I'd update you guys.

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I'll have the last word, thank you!
988 posts
Sunday, 05-Jun-2011 23:45:17

This is almost a year old, does the list/phone conference still exist? If so, could you PM me the URL for joining the email list portion and let me know if the conferences are still going on, if they are at the same times or at a different time? Thanks much.

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