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Topic: Iraqi sperm donor convicted in Phoenix honor killing
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I just keep on posting!
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Thursday, 07-Jul-2011 12:08:59

Was running a google search about another case yesterday when google gave me this gem: "Man Convicted of Honor Killing."

Click on, and the creep in Phoenix, I refuse to call such a person a father or dad, who killed his own daughter for being "too Americanized" with his American made jeep, was found guilty.

The one part of this story I couldn't help but laugh about was from where he was transported after having tried to flee thru London: back to Phoenix from Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. In the food court of this airport is a large neon sign that says "Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International Airport proudly welcomes all U S military personnel in uniform." Hopefully that sign or a batallion in uniform was there, as people there openly clap for uniformed military.

I feel awful for his deceased daughter and wish him the worst in prison. Stories like this also make me think immigration should be more restricted, as it is in Mexico, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, as it seems increasingly we are getting more people who are no more likely to adapt to a modern society than I am to dance the lead in a ballet.

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The voice of reason
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Thursday, 07-Jul-2011 16:48:19

The press shouldn't call it "honour killing" they should call it as it is - murder.

I'm not entirely sure how you suggest imigration be prevented though, or even why. We live in multi cultural societies, and while there are certainly some who do not adapt to a more western way of life, equally there are many who embrace living in a new country.

I certainly don't think we should limit imigration purely because some individuals can't adapt - instead the law should deal harshly with these individuals and put the message across that we will not accept this kind of behavior.

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You mean there is something outside of this room with my computer in it?
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Thursday, 07-Jul-2011 17:15:46

Tend to agree with Sugarbaby. Using terms like 'hate crime' or 'honor killing' just grants victim / martyr status to the perp.
Culture isn't a defense, and countless people emigrate from those nations but don't honor kill, and many middle eastern societies don't condone it either. Where, oh where, are the matriarchal protesters of yesteryore? Oh yes: these guys aren't whistling construction workers, they're killers ...

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