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Topic: Tiger Cub JR for Sale
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Veteran Zoner
59 posts
Monday, 28-Nov-2011 23:21:11

Hi all. As the title so succinctly puts it, I have a ViewPlus Tiger Cub Junior Braille embosser that I'm quite eager to part with for some funds. Tiger embossers are some of the finest embossers out there from what I've researched, prefered for their fast rate of embossing, relatively low operational noise, and the ability to creat highly detailed graphics. I got this Tiger back in 2005, and used it maybe twice, until the math class I needed it for was over. Since then the device hasn't been touched, except when I tested it recently to make sure that it is still working, which it is still doing as well as when I first bought it.
I'd be shipping the embosser in its original box, with an accompanying paper tray, power cord, and a printer to USB cable. I lost the original parallel cable a while ago, but the USB cable works just as well. For practical reasons, I am only able to ship the device to U.S. customers only, and will be covering shipping charges.
With all that said, I feel pretty reasonable in asking $1800 for this Tiger, out of its original price of $3995. If necessary, I am willing to negotiate over the price a little.
IF this offer sounds reasonable to you, or if you know of anyone that would be wiling to buy this embosser from me, please contact me via the methods listed in my profile, or by emailing me at:
Hope to hear from you all soon.
Kind regards,
Albano Berberi.

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Veteran Zoner
59 posts
Monday, 09-Jan-2012 18:47:09

So considering the distinct lack of replies to this message, and my own growing desperation to get rid of this thing, I will revise my previously mentioned price of $1800 to $1300. IF anyone's interested, reply here or send me an email at:
If this is still too expensive for you, by all means feel free to post a reasonable offer and I will consider it.
Kind regards, Albano.

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rail racer
Zone BBS Addict
127 posts
Wednesday, 25-Jul-2012 9:24:04

Have you sold the thing yet? If not I would love to look into it. Right now, I'm on a tight budget. Very tight. But I would love to look into it. I hope to here from you soon. My email address is

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Veteran Zoner
59 posts
Tuesday, 31-Jul-2012 22:14:21

As of a day ago, the Tiger has been sold. Apologies to anyone that may have wanted it.

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