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This is the latest Zone BBS news file. It was last modified on today 1:47:03.

Come join us Sunday night at 9 PM Eastern, 2:00 GMT Monday for one last goodbye. Let's see how many users we can get logged in one last time.

It's been a fun ride, but now it's time to say goodbye. In 2003, the Zone BBS was created with some very broken code and low expectations. J.J.'s goal was to create a bit of an omage to BBS systems of the 90s with time-wasting games, private mail, and messaging. That last feature, Quicknotes, eecame the most used feature on the website. Chris N, soon came on board as the other admin. Liam among others started sending friends to the site as forums and more games were added, Anagram Mania becoming the most popular. The Zone rapidly grew in popularity during the next few years and a support team called community leaders was added to give guidance to the users. A big shout out to off of these amazing people, especially KC8PNL who has been with us for the entire ride. During its heyday, the Zone was a thriving community of thousands of active users. More than two dozen submitted auditions for Zone BBS Icon, a music competition held over several months. Others joined in using Zone BBS by Phone, a system Chris wrote which offered voicemail, live chat, and other features. Couples met, and several got married because of the Zone. But now it's time to say goodbye. Honestly, this day should have probably come a couple of years ago. Chris and J.J., as well as many of the community leaders, now have full-time careers and many other things going on which makes it much more difficult to update the site. Plus, much of the code, which was written 15 years ago, is outdated and will soon no longer work without a complete rewrite. So for now, this is goodbye. While we have no idea what the future may hold, the Zone BBS as you know it is gone. If you purchased a premium membership which continues past the official shutdown date, we will be refunding the remainder of your membership. We'd like to extend our appreciation to everyone who has been involved over the years, whether you were a casual user or with us from the beginning. I'm proud of what we accomplished. Thank you for making the Zone BBS a part of your life.

If you're interested in communicating with others after the shutdown, or keeping up with any future projects, please subscribe to the Zone BBS Reddit at

A special thanks to Animal Metal for greatly helping get the NFL pools up! It's mega appreciated!

NFL Sports Challenge returns for 2017!

If there is enough interest in these pools, they will continue to be added throughout the season. The winner of the first pool will get 100,000 points. Please feel free to bug Flidais if pools aren't up or don't get updated, as she's a bit RL busy lately and has been spacing. Thanks all for your patience.


With appreciation going out to Chris N, we are happy to inform you that the ZoneBBS's TeamTalk server has been upgraded to version 5. This means that you will now be able to use the Zone's voice chat server on your iOS and Android devices, along with your computer. If you are still running version 4, you will need to upgrade to version 5 to use the server now. We hope you enjoy the return of voice chat, and that you will visit often

Recently, we learned of some very sad news about one of our longtime members and a former Community Leader, Singerofsongs, aka Nehemiah. Here's an excerpt from the GoFundMe page:

On February 12, 2016 I waited with Nehemiah’s parents; Helen and Roy, and sister; Nikki, in the surgical waiting room at Anschutz Medical Center in Denver, hoping with my heart of hearts that this was not going to be the news we were all fearing. After all, this was brain tumor number five. Nehemiah’s fought this for five years—he could do it again, right?
Unfortunately, the next few days brought on realities that neither his family nor his loved ones were ready to face. We learned, after the biopsy, that this was an extremely aggressive Grade 3 Meningioma. Tumor number four was also an aggressive Grade 3 Meningioma. The Lord brought him through that, couldn’t he do that again?
Again, we were faced with facts that were too hard to hear and even harder to accept. Despite his valiant attempt with radiation and surgery, the doctors told us, on Monday, that there is nothing more they can do because of how aggressively this tumor is growing. He has just a few weeks left before he will be called back home.
For those of you who do not know Nehemiah, he is one of the toughest people I have ever met in my life. On top of going blind from Bilateral Retinal Blastoma and Anorexia brought on by chemotherapy as a child, dealing with Crohn's disease, and so many treatments for his past tumors, he never complained. Actually, I remember telling him the other day that it was okay to be angry and upset; to which he replied, “That isn’t going to change anything. I am okay.” No matter how he is feeling when I walk into his room, the first thing he asks me is, “How are you Esh? Are you doing okay today”? Never in my life have I met someone so loving towards others. Despite his immense pain, he is always focused on how we are all doing. He has a heart of gold and love for others that goes beyond years. His desire in life has been, for years, to change people’s lives and help them understand they are more than their blindness. His passion in life was to teach technology to blind people to empower them to break down barriers society has placed on them. Oh, dear friend, if only you knew how many lives you have touched in your 29 years!

Here's a link to the GoFundMe page which has been set up to help defray medical and other expected expenses. Please help out if you can. Updates are also being posted to this page. Our thoughts and prayers are with Nehemiah and his family and friends.

>Please take a moment to review the new Zone Code under the announcements board. It is effective immediately. Any questions should be directed to a community leader. Cheers.

Just a FYI, ZBP will not be returning in the foreseeable future.

Please check out the new Fix It board category to report any site issues that need to be addressed by the CL team. There's a handy post on forum rules to check out before posting. Site issues only please, suggestions still go on the suggestion board!

We've fixed a few other lingering bugs, among these some preventing people from playing Word Mastermind and a bug related to deleting sent mail from private messages.

Several minor tweaks and updates

the "/weather" command is again functioning as expected.!

We've brought the old spread the word links on board posts into the current decade, replacing the old Delicious and Dig with Facebook and Twitter. Use these links to share your favorite board topics to these social networking sites

We've updated Keno to make it cheaper to play and giving you a chance at a milllion points. The cost is back to 5 points to play, and our payout table now comes straight from the Michigan Lottery. Though we pick 22 numbers instead of 20 so the odds are a bit better than that. Aren't we nice? Good luck!

You can now see private and/or public quicknotes when you send them. Go in to your account settings to configure this option.

We're looking to update our Terms of Service and would like your input. Please comment on this board post and let us know what changes, if any, you'd like to see.

Please remember that the ignore feature is here for a reason, and trying to find ways around it is a violation of the terms of service. This includes, but is not limited to using the status feature to taunt those who are ignoring you. Thank you.

As a friendly reminder, we ask that you not badger the new members and be supportive while they're getting used to the site.

Congratulations to bluemorpho13 who won a free username change and to Glymmer who won a $10 Amazon gift certificate. Thanks to all for participating in our raffles.

New in quicknotes, if you type a web address such as it will now be linked for you. This also applies to FTP and email addresses. Just type the address without any HTML. Enjoy.

By user request, you can now choose to show the Quicknote status of users in the user list at the top of each page. Find this option from your account settings. Thanks to Leviathanm for the idea.

If you are ignoring a user's quicknotes, they will no longer be chosen by the randomizer.

Sharing Points.

You can now share your points with others logged in. Type /award points where points is the number you wish to share with each logged in user. They will be deducted from your account. Have fun.

We've added a new feature requested by some of our premium members. You can now send private Quicknotes to others while you are invisible. Here's how it works. Once you send a private Quicknote to another user, they will then of course know you are there. Your name will then appear in their Quicknote user list so they can reply to you. If you want to clear any people who you've talked to, use the /iclear command. Also, if you use /l to log out or each time you log in, your list will also be cleared. If you have any questions or suggestions, post them on our suggestions and feedback board. Invisibility is one of the many features of premium membership.

You can now search just board topic titles instead of searching all of the text in a post.

Try the /8ball command. It knows all.

New users should now be designated in the Who's Online list.

New Board Jump Command

By request, we've added a new Quicknote command to jump to a specific board, or other board pages such as topics with new posts. It's /B location or /BOARD location from the Quicknote box. Type /B or /BOARD for a list of possible boards.

New Game: Between the Words

We're excited to announce a new word game for the site for premium users. Between the Words is all about thinking in alphabetical order. Each day, we'll give you two words, and your job is to find all of the words between them in the dictionary. If you're confused, we explain it a bit more on the game page. The same point system that is used for the anagram games applies here, and in fact the interface is largely the same. It's currently available now in beta, so please let us know if you have any issues.

Posting to Old Board Topics

We've made a change to the boards for really old topics. Now, if there has not been any posts to a topic within the past year, it will be locked from future topics. We will try this out for awhile to see how it goes. Thanks for your ideas and support.

By suggestion, the /time command now displays the time for many cities around the world. Type /time from any Quicknote box to view this page.


ZONEBBS DOES NOT PROMOTE OR ENCOURAGE ANY FILE SHARING OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. Doing so by using the resources of the site itself is in direct violation of the Terms of Service.

We now have a Twitter. Follow zonebbs to keep up with posts from admins and CL's.

You can now filter user profiles by gender, age, and country. Do this from the profile browser.

Rough Draft of Team Talk Help File Available!

A rough draft of a help file for use with the Team Talk voice chat client can be found. Changes are sure to be made, but we figured we should get some information out there as soon as possible. find it, here

The Zone BBs Has a Voicechat Server Again!

With the new version of teamtalk that just came out, we decided there was once again a good way to run a voice chat server on the Zone BBS. Info can be found on the, appropriately named, Team Talk voice chat link on the home page. We hope you enjoy.


Just a friendly reminder to all to please post your topics under the appropriate categories when creating new topics on the boards. Thanks for your cooperation, it is much appreciated.

A friendly reminder that pulling banned members into conferences via a three way phone line Is in violation of T.O.S. Also note that harassment of a person that has you on ignore is also a violation and can result in you being removed from the zone on either a permanent or temporary basis.

We have new sounds! Big thanks to community leader Q for the sounds. If you want cool sounds or music for your next project, visit

We've expanded the SMS text message gateway to include most carriers worldwide. Enjoy.

You can now add interests, hobbies, favorite movies, TV shows, music, and books to your profile. When adding them, separate each entry with a semicolon. For instance: Backstreet Boys; 98 Degrees
You can click on these to see if others have the same interest as you.

As a friendly reminder, Please read over our T.O.S. and make sure you understand them as some people are starting to appear to have forgotten them. If you have questions about the T.O.S. contact a CL for verification.

Remove Yourself from the Randomizer

For those that don't like being used by your friendly neighborhood randomizer, there's now an option in account settings to opt out. Enjoy.

Canada and London have been returned to ZBP. New numbers: Canada, Toronto 1-647-258-4721 United Kingdom, London 44-20-02227092

Phone pins on Zone BBS by Phone may now be between four and seven digits. All users must change to a new PIN before being able to log in. Please take this time to select one which is especially secure.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience regarding the confusion surrounding fake quicknotes. We hope the following will get rid of any uncertainties: Fake quicknotes are allowed, since users now have the ability to determine who's sending them. Fake system messages however, are not allowed, as set out in the Terms of Service. Quicknotes sent by a person have a blue link to their profile. Actions have a blue link covering the asterisk and sender's name which lets a reader view the profile. Broadcast messages, which are almost never used, have red asterisks. Other messages have green asterisks to identify where they begin. Thank you.

Just a quick reminder that account sharing is against our terms of service, and also opens your account to unwanted mischief for which you will be held responsible. If you have shared your password or phone pin with anyone else, please take a moment to change both. From the main menu, click on My Account. Users caught sharing accounts risk an immediate and permanent ban.

Due to some problems and issues in identification, we do not allow third parties to set up Zone BBS accounts for people. This is particularly applicable to those who wish to use Zone BBS by Phone and who do not have a computer. Such attempts may be detected as duplicate account sign-ups; if so both accounts may be disabled. We can better address Zone BBS by Phone if all users are at least somewhat active on the website.

Thank you for reading: The Zone BBS staff.

Community leaders:

The current CL team consists of Devilish Anthony, Flidais, and kc8pnl. They handle much of the day-to-day operations of the site.

Site Admins:

The site admins are Admin A.K.A. Jage and Chris N. They do most of the programming and coding for the site as well as managing premium memberships.