Zone BBS By Phone

Zone BBS By Phone allows you to access some features of our website over the telephone. Currently you can record an audio profile for your account, participate in phone conferences, and send voicemail to other users.

Access Methods

You'll need to edit your account and set up a phone pin before you can access the system. After that's done, you can call one of the below numbers, or use a SIP-enabled device, and use your user ID and phone pin to access the system.

United States-Washington**
United States-Washington**
United States-Iowa
United Kingdom-London*
SIP-enabled softphone or device***

* This number supports a maximum of two simultaneous calls.

** This number supports a maximum of eight simultaneous calls.

*** This method supports unlimited connections.

We may add more numbers in the future.

If using the telephone, Please check with your telephone provider before calling any of our numbers to see what charges may apply. We are not responsible for any incurred charges.

Who's on?

No users on Zone BBS by Phone as of 13 seconds ago. Why not give it a call?

SIP Softphone Instructions

We recommend SJ Phone by SJ Labs. Version 1.60.289a, 06.19.05, appears to be the most accessible at the current time. After installing, select the SIP profile.

To connect, enter and press enter. You can either press numbers on your keyboard, including * and #, or click the appropriate buttons on screen.

NCH Express Talk, which we previously recommended, causes some people to become very delayed on the order of 10 seconds. We no longer recommend this program.