Use of The Zone BBS (website) and/or associated services indicates acceptance of the following terms of service and acceptable use policies. These terms may be updated from time to time, at which point they will be displayed to you on your next login to the website and on the Terms of Service page located at

  1. Each individual (user) is allowed only one account. If multiple accounts are discovered, all but one of them will be disabled. If a user is found to abuse this rule, we retain the right to suspend all of their accounts.
  2. Users are responsible for the actions that occur using their account, regardless of whether or not they were the user that performed them. Never, in any circumstance, share passwords or other account information with anyone.
  3. Usernames deemed to be offensive are not allowed. Offensive usernames include those which contain sexually explicit phrases, racist remarks, etc.
  4. Harassment of other users is not tollerated. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  5. Posting content on the website which negatively impacts a user's experience,, such as words which cause screen reading programs to crash, is not allowed. This will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Users are strongly advised against sharing personally identifiable information for any reason. We recommend consulting a website such as Get Safe Online (opens in new window) for more information on this important topic. The Zone BBS is not responsible for any action, event, or circumstance that arises as the result of the sharing of such information.
  7. The following types of material are not allowed on the website or any associated services. Community Leaders or Site Administrators will determine if material falls into one of these categories.
  8. Users will not exploit any bugs or loopholes on the site to gain access to areas where they are not allowed, or to otherwise misuse the site or its resources. Any bug or loophole must immediately be reported using the contact form located at or by using the Contact Us link located near the bottom of most pages.
  9. From time to time, users may be given access to additional services such as phone conference systems, voice chat servers, etc. Additionally, users may be invited to participate in contests or games, including some that may take place in a location other than the website. Users must adhere to any additional terms presented to them. Violations of these or any other terms will be considered a breach of the terms of service and treated the same as a violation of a term on the site.
  10. Site administrators reserve the right to refuse access to any or all parts of the website and/or associated services to anyone at any time, regardless of reason.
  11. If a user does not adhere to any required term, response will be at the discression of a Community Leader or Site Administrator. Responses may include warnings, temporary or permanent bans from the website or associated services, etc. Refunds will not be given in such circumstances.
  12. A user may appeal a decision made by a Community Leader to the site administrators by using the contact form explaining the issue, the decision made by the Community Leader, why the user believes the decision is unfair, and what the user believes to be an appropriate outcome. Decisions made by site administrators are final.
  13. Please remember that the use of this website and any associated services is at your own risk. J-Squared Access Solutions will not be held responsible for any incidental, physical, or emotional damage to yourself or your property that may arise from the use of this website. Breaking these rules may be hazardous to your face.