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Username:the topspeed3 fan
User ID:1050
Location:west Chicago Illinois U.S.A
Country:United States
Points:5,190,344 (ranked #1140)
Member Since:Wednesday, 08-Sep-2004 02:13:34
Last Logged In:yesterday 16:10:14 (1 day, 2 hours, 55 minutes, 17 seconds ago)
Times Logged In:707 (ranked #860)
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Last post in topic:another way to earn points
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About Me
Birthday:Wednesday, 27-Oct-1976
Words of Wisdom:if you don't succeed at first try again.
Hobbies/interests:swimming playing talkiing pc games voice chatting text chatting
Favorite movies:terminator series matrix series speed fatal attraction topgun tytanic
Favorite TV shows:
Favorite music:madonna the beetles country light rock
Favorite books/authors:stephen king franklin W dixon dean koontz rauld dahl al frank balm
What the topspeed3 fan has to say:
if anyone wants to email me feel free to:-)hello, this is joe. I love chatting on skype, msn messenger or zello. I love riding roller coasters when I get the chance to. I am 5 feet 9 inches tall, 246 pounds. ttotally blind, and am outgoing. i also love to make people laugh if I can. if you wish to get to know me better contact me via quicknote, msn IM, or skype IM or via zello voice chat. oh i have a voicemail box on matchat phone number 712-432-6444 box 8019. I am admin of room 8 on matchat with my BFF ron johnson from south dakota who is co admin.
if you don't have dropbox and wish to sign up use the below link and earn up to 2.5 gb free
TA TA for now.
my klango ID is joeweakland1027
feel free to add me
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