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hi... i am prehcee from the philippines. i lost my eyesight last september of 2008. it's a good thing i have no more small children to take care of, they are all grown-ups now. people with disabilities here don't get much support from the government. most pwd's are not hired even if they are skilled or educated. that's why most ofus depend on our families and relatives for moral and financial support. i am a member of a non-sectarian group called the FATHER'S EYES MINISTRY, which helps blind persons to cope up with their situation . i still get depressed everytime i think of not being able to do all the things i love and enjoy. i am new here and i already enjoy the games ... it exercise my mind as well as it relaxes me and i forget temporarily the realities of my situation..i wish to have blind friends from other countries so that i would know what is like to be blind in their country, you can reach me via email, and my facebook is
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