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User ID:1199
Location:Long Island, New York
Country:United States
Points:2,538,772,112 (ranked #380)
Member Since:Sunday, 31-Oct-2004 19:19:16
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About Me
Birthday:Sunday, 04-Jun-1989
Webpage:TBRN: The Beyond Radio Network
Words of Wisdom:Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust
Hobbies/interests:Computers model trains Football baseball hockey basketball audio
Favorite movies:Miracle Spaceballs The Harry Potter Series EuroTrip
Favorite TV shows:The New York Islanders The New York Jets The New York Mets The Brooklyn Nets
Favorite music:Metal Trance Filmscores
Favorite books/authors:
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Greetings from that young, blind, conservative new Yorker who has a habit of frequenting the zone. You know, the one that's got the heavy accent. Well, what's there to know about me? I believe myself to be at least semi-intelligent...most of the time. At other times, I feel like the biggest moron to walk the face of the planet. Unfortunately for you all, I have a really strange sense of humor, so be warned. I am not an intentionally combative person, unless you disrespect me or those I care about. However, combativeness can come out unintentionally, due to my tendency towards emphatic statements, which I am working on. I can be blunt, brutally honest, whatever you want to call it. However, I've recently learned that this side of me is graceless, and I'm attempting to develop grace. Those who get to know me, looking passed all of this, get to know a nice enough person, so try not to let all of this freak you out.

Hobbys And Interests

I like Computers, model trains, music (unfortunately i'm not a musician), and audio work especially production and field recording. None of that compares, however, to my love of sports. Put on a game and my troubles are thrown to the background for a while...unless my team sucks, and then I get annoyed all over again. Forget everything else, sports are my drug.

My Identity On The Web

The New TBRN

The Beyond Radio Network, my new internet radio home. With the death of HKC Radio, Andre Louis and company brought me in to help revitalize TBRN. I've been having a great time doing so of late, and we're growing at a rapid rate. I'm pretty happy so far.

My Live Journal

Read rants, opinions, and what not of yours truly from my younger days, when I was even stranger than I am now.

Any other ways to contact me...

Are in the table section of this profile.


To conclude this diatribe, I say that those who want to contact can do so. My messengers are displayed where appropriate, and my user ID for sending voicemails is also displayed where appropriate. I request that if you add me to Skype, please identify yourself with your zone user name. And that completes this rather long profile.

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