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Country:United States
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Birthday:Sunday, 08-Sep-1985
Words of Wisdom:What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Give thanks in _all circumstances and finally do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Hobbies/interests:cooking shopping swimming talking with others about their/my problems trying food from different cultures learning about different cultures Spanish sarcasm havin an all-around good time
Favorite movies:anything on Lifetime or lifetime movie network comedies dramas movies with a purpose
Favorite TV shows:big bang theory two and a half men novelas on various spanish channels if it grabs my attention, I\'ll watch it.
Favorite music:Cumbia grupero gospel new country (not that old, trang-filled stuff that makes your insides curdle)
Favorite books/authors:Enrique\'s Journey If I am Missing Or dead The Help The Road of Lost Innocence a stolen Life escape Triumph America\'s dream
What WomanOfWisdom has to say:
Hi to evrybody who is reading this. Well, what is it that I should say about myself?

My name is ashley. I am a social worker by profession and I am in my last semester of grad school getting my masters in the same subject. I rarely come on here anymore, just when I need some distraction. ...
Also, let me just put this out there for any of you people out there hoping that I'll fall into what I call the zone sex trap. No, you won't get to know what I look like, how big my ass/breasts are, what position I prefer, what I do/don't shave ... and all the other sexual questions that, invariably, any woman gets asked on here. I'm just on here for chat and to make friends with those who, like me, do not come on here on a regular basis because this is the closest thing to sexual activity they get on a regular bases.
Now that we've gotten that little point of contention straightened out, let me say that I'm a layed-back, fun-loving person. I love to laugh and to make people laugh. I love talking with/to people about what troubles them and have been known to do so at all hours of the day/night. I am religious, but that doesn't mean i'm going to shove my beliefs down anybody's throats or demean them because their beliefs happen to be different than mine. I value diversity and as such, have a lot of friends with varing religious/sexual orientation preferences. as long as you're a good person, most likely, we'll get along fine.
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