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Username:Big Pawed Bear
User ID:266
Location:in my den
Country:United Kingdom
Points:144,807,904 (ranked #763)
Member Since:Friday, 26-Sep-2003 18:24:18
Last Logged In:Saturday, 13-Jan-2018 14:38:36 (5 days, 3 hours, 40 minutes, 8 seconds ago)
Status:chasing his tail
Times Logged In:5321 (ranked #118)
Board Posts:2022
Last post in topic:Facial hair/beards? Yes? No? Why?
Graffiti posts (not including anonymous):50
About Me
Birthday:December 15
Age:18 or over
Webpage:my personal webbsite
Words of Wisdom:if you want sense, talk to a horse!
Hobbies/interests:riding horses working with horses collecting plush animals writing stories reading travelogs paw massage
Favorite movies:Brother bear 101 dalmations the lion the witch and the wardrobe
Favorite TV shows:street crime UK Road wars UK boarder force grime busters airport airline the filth files the lion man air crash investigation SAS survival secrets
Favorite music:all kinds
Favorite books/authors:Andy mcnab James herriot Bill brison Patritia cornwell
What Big Pawed Bear has to say:
Hi all, paws up to you all from Big Pawed bear!! the bear character I play is rpg and all my physical antics on here, such as waving paws in the air etc are those of a bear, and nott of the real me except the hugs of course, everyone needs a hug, including a bear. Though as with all good characters, there is quite a bit of the real me in the bear. if you want to know more, or want a private chat, pqn me and you'll find out about the real me, if we are not role playing of course. I can be serious too. Not all my board posts are in my role as a bear. it's all down to subject matter and context. please read on for more info about the real me. A bit about paw contact too. I am blind, so paws/hands and feet, as well as the sense of touch are very important to me. the way the bear uses its paws to such great affect and the way we humans sometimes misuse our eyes to judge our surroundings is my main reason for my thing about paws. paws are more sensitive than human hands in most cases. quick thing to ponder, do bears have two paws and two feet, or four paws? thoughts? now on with my profile. I feel I must do something to liven up my profile as it's rather boring at the moment. So who am I and is there anything intresting about me that I feel I can let the world know. hmm. I have been using computers for years. I enjoy playing computer games like poker for example, plus surfing the net. I also read a lot of books. Authors include Andy Mcnab, Dick Francis, Patritia cornwell and Gerald Seamore. Many other authors also feature, gerald durrel, David Grant, James Herriot, Jack higgins etc. I also used to work with horses many tales I could tell about the goings on among the equine residents of that stable. currently I also collect soft toy animals. From small cubs to large adult animals, I have given homes to pandas, polar bears, lions, tigers, otters and many more.

On looking round me, metaforically as I am blind, I see that my house is full of soft toy animals . there are too many to list here, though they number tigers, leopards, bears, lions and many other types of animal. it's a real four pawed community. I hear some of you yelling that men don't collect soft toys! This one does, and I'm proud of my collection. Guess what? I even give my tigers, bears, otters, lions and horses a hug too, and they get very upset if i don't! there, it's out in the open. So, everyone, give your pets a hug this day, be they real or soft toys.

My soft toy animals give me inspiration for another one of my passtimes which is creative writing. I have written various stories about real horses I have met, as well as those stories that are enspired by my soft toy animals. you can view these from my website, which you can get to from this profile.

If you want to chat plese contact me
Thanks for reading.
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