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User ID:3002
Location:the world of the paranormal and whitney houston
Country:United States
Points:28,617,271,529 (ranked #49)
Member Since:Tuesday, 03-Jan-2006 21:32:36
Last Logged In:Thursday, 14-Dec-2017 21:14:10 (2 days, 11 hours, 46 minutes, 27 seconds ago)
Times Logged In:15300 (ranked #13)
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Last post in topic:Reptiles?
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About Me
Age:18 or over
Words of Wisdom:Let there be peace on earth!
Hobbies/interests:my hobbies are swimming when I can, chatting to people on the net and my friends on the phone, singing, listening to music and tv shows, like land of the hlost, the haunted, and A Haunting. I also love to swing on swings but don\'t do it often though.
Favorite movies:anything having to do with the paranormal such as The Sixth Sense and The Shining. and the bodyguard, waiting to exhale and the preacher\'s wife and disney movies.
Favorite TV shows:land of the lost most haunted, A Haunting.
Favorite music:and of course, most of all, the great voice of the century!!!! whitney houston!!
Favorite books/authors:the Hot Zone by richard Preston.
What Speedygirl! has to say:
Hey, it's mandy from the United states. Well, I was forced to update my profile, even
though, I wanted to leave it the way it was.
Well, what can I say, cursing doesn't bother me for the most part, but sex, no, I will not
talk about sex. that is one thing I'll not talk about. I'm a verry talkative person though
and will talk about anything, except, sex!!!!!!! I don't like certain rides such as the
buccaneer. that's a rocket ship sort of ride in case any of you don't know. I also love
anything to do with the paranormal and the solar system.
If you'd like to know more, be sure to ask, and don't be nervous!!! Anyone who I
introduce myself to, however, should look at my profile even though they don't care to
look at it. I want people to be nice and friendly to me, no talking dirty or cursing at me! I
only put people on ignore unless I think it's neccessary and I really have to. so, don't be
nervous to ttalk to me!! I won't hurt you!
I just wanted to say, I'm taken! so, no looiking for me as a girlfriend like me!! I also love
things involving pdifferent countries like Egypt and asia and other countries. I love
whitney houston too!! she's one of my favorite singers! I've loved her since I was 2 years
old. I also love to sing, listen to music, swim when I can, swing on swings whenever I get
a chance to do so, watch movies such as the bodyguard, waiting to exhale and the
preacher's wife. I wanna really see the new movie sparkle with whitney houston and
jordan sparks. I also love listen to music. I love singing to people and for people or
whoever would listen to me. lots of people say I have a good voice. so, if you want me to
sing for you, just ask and I will. only if you have skype will I do te singing for you, I don't
do zo have skype I'll do the singing for you. I don't and won't do zone by phonwe. I love
the song by whitney houston called I look to you. I sang it at a camp I went to this year
and everyone loved it!!! I gave a big smile when I got done singing it and one of the boys
picked me up in =his arms!! I also, do not give out personal info.
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