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Username:cali cowboy
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Location:Oceanside, CA
Country:United States
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Status:Memories attached to a song - soundtrack to my life; thank god it's this long...
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Last post in topic:Heather wanna walk hand and hand, and learn the land.
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About Me
Birthday:Monday, 26-Oct-1987
Words of Wisdom:These boots were made for walkin'.
Hobbies/interests:Listening to music Paranormal / True Crime podcasts Reading Americana Vintage clothing Leather goods Thrifting Going shooting Gardening Street art Getting lost Mexican food
Favorite movies:Shaun of the Dead The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Clerks Dogma The Blues Brothers Django Unchained Desperado Pulp Fiction A Fistful of Dollars Goodfellas Casino Mean Streets Unforgiven
Favorite TV shows:Supernatural Doctor Who Rick and Morty It\'s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Favorite music:Country Punk Rock Blues Jazz Hip-Hop Rap
Favorite books/authors:Westerns Adventures Mysteries Crime Biographies Horror Anything by Joe R. Lansdale and David Wong.
What cali cowboy has to say:
"I'm going to venture out into the wild - fearless and handsome, strong and
noble - one man alone against the elements." - Jim Bob Luke, Honky Tonk
Samurai by Joe R. Lansdale

That's me in a nut shell.
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