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Birthday:Monday, 27-May-1957
Words of Wisdom:it's better to be the goalie than the soccer balltime is our most precious resource. wasted hours can never be reclaimed.
Hobbies/interests:cooking ham radio reading teaching kids pc
Favorite movies:appollo 13 cassablanca twister perfect storm
Favorite TV shows:trauma life in the er untold stories of the e.r. maternity ward a baby story deadliest catch alaska state troopers coast guard alaska flying wild alaska geesh i guess anything with alaska in it
Favorite music:anything but opera and bluegrass
Favorite books/authors:Dana Stabenow penelope williamson kristin hannah j. a. jantz ann rivers siddons luanne rice susan wiggs philippa gregory dorothea benton frank nora roberts ann tyler
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in many ways, I feel like I'm at the beginning of a whole new life phase. someone once said that retirement is like a second adolescence. our kids are now adults and out on their own, raising their families and working hard. this means that I have lots of freedom to grow and change. reading, writing, listening to all kinds of music, cooking, playing anagram mania, watching the discovery channel(s), food network and traveling are a few of my favorite things to do. In august of 2011 i retired after 32 funfilled years of government service. While working full time, i taught both my kids at home during middle and high school. my family consists of one husband of almost 32 years, one young adult son, 1 daughter in law, one daughter and her husband, and three grand children, who of course are intelligent, cute and my reward for not killing their parents as teens. michael and his family live in florida. tracey and hers reside in Maryland. name to add toin October my guide dog sarabelle retired and is now living with good friends on a five acre spread near our home. they love animals, and she's being treated as the queen she is and spending time with her best friendpup. after attending class at guide dogs for the blind in California,on 10/30/16, i returned home with a 50 pound black lab named pima. she's an excellent guid, who is extremely cuddlesome and fun.although I'm retired, I'm not retiring. in may of 2013, jim, sara, and i moved to washington state. when I got off that plane from the other Washington, I said "thank god, I'm home!!!!" I'm extremely busy with volunteering in various organizations and am active in church. my family says I need to get a job so I can have a rest. . the north west rocks!!! if you wish to contact me please feel free to email or drop me a private quick note. thanks for reading this and enjoy your day.
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