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Basic Information
Username:Aunt Hot Wheels
User ID:4571
Location:Tacoma, Washington
Country:United States
Points:60,736,983,319 (ranked #12)
Member Since:Sunday, 04-Mar-2007 04:08:33
Logged in since:yesterday 23:54:01 (25 minutes, 56 seconds ago)
Status:Wishing my new Victor Stream was here
Current Location:Anagram Speed Word
Times Logged In:6964 (ranked #73)
Board Posts:1009
Last post in topic:LWorks Releases Blinded Guide
Graffiti posts (not including anonymous):58
About Me
Birthday:Friday, 03-Oct-1975
Words of Wisdom:Christian does not mean Republican
Hobbies/interests:Music recovery scupport networking teaching adults
Favorite movies:Chronicles Of Narnia moovies Star Trek Moovies Commidy Miracle On 34th Street
Favorite TV shows:Law And Order, most of them Knight Rider Star Trek shows Some Comidy A lot of it\'s not really that interesting, anymore, so I go RETRO Forenzic Files/true crime
Favorite music:Oak Ridge Boys Rich Mullins Some R And B Classic Rock Eighties Comidy Music Doctor Demento Weird Al Bob Rivers
Favorite books/authors:Bible C.S. Lewis Harry Potter Star Trek stuff Adventure books I even got interested in The Hobbit How To Books Gidian\'s Torch Peter Pan new Series
What Aunt Hot Wheels has to say:
I've left this part blank. I procrastinate. I also screw up on spelling of words. Oh well, you know I ain't a saint. A lot of you find Christians offensive. Well, I have thought of this, and want to say: Christians don't come in a box. Just like all Amerians don't, all of one race or gender isn't the same. Well, some of the things I've heard talk about things that offend me. So, I think, that leads to an agreement:
Let's all be different. Either we offend each other, or try for respect. I vote fore compassion and respect. If you ask me a question, I'll answer. But, I won't shove my faith down your throat. I've had it done to me. And the Golden Rule, is from the Bible. Have a blessed day!
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