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User ID:497
Country:United Kingdom
Points:658,481,700 (ranked #672)
Member Since:Sunday, 18-Apr-2004 00:31:36
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Times Logged In:2933 (ranked #251)
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Last post in topic:Rumors cause problems, Let's get to the REAL DEAL!
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About Me
Birthday:Tuesday, 05-Jul-1977
Words of Wisdom:Always be who you want to be, not who others want you to or expect you to be
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What InternetKing has to say:
What's up people, I Live in UK, in London to be precise, originaly come from Bosnia. Like lots of fun things in life like music, films, books, sports, Internet, meeting people and just generally anything that's good fun. So, if you wanna know anything else about me feel free to contact me, don't be shy, I'm a nice friendly guy, well most of the time, lol, really I am, I usually say what I think though, even if it's not always nice, but generally if you're nice to me so am I, so contact me and get to know me, it won't hurt and who knows, you might even find it fun!
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