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Words of Wisdom:Love is a wonderful thing!!
Hobbies/interests:computers listening to music of all kinds talking to friends living life to the fullest
Favorite movies:the Harry Potter series the Twilight series the Notebook
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Favorite music:just about anything that sounds good
Favorite books/authors:Harry Potter Twilight some of the ChickenSoup for the Soul books Anthem, 1984 Brave New World To Kill a Mockingbird
What James has to say:
Well well well. I think it's long past time for an update. I am 19 years old, and am taken by the best girl in the entire universe! Valentines day marked the end of our first year together, and I know we will see many more to come.
Hmmmm...what else to say...that's for you to find out.
If you want to talk, send me a QN, whether it be private or public, it doesn't matter.
Have a good day,