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Location:Dallas, texas
Country:United States
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Age:18 or over
Words of Wisdom:Just be yourself.
Hobbies/interests:tarot, Runes music, audio production, hypnosis, exploring past lives, cooking, talking on the phone, going on the internet, playing music
Favorite movies:Whatever I\'m in the mood to watch.
Favorite TV shows:Criminal minds, or whatever else is on.
Favorite music:bluegrass, Older country, southern gospal and whatever I\'m in the mood to listen to.
Favorite books/authors:Much prefer movies than books. Authors are Edred Thorrson, Diana Paxson and Lisa Peschel.
What Celeste has to say:
Hi everyone,
I'm Veronica. I'm a voyager tarot card reader/voyager tarot coach and tarot teacher.
I've been reading tarot for about 11 years or so.
I'm a clairvoyant empath and intuitive channel for higher consciousness.

I also have been learning more about the runes and use runes in my readings as well as the celtic ogham which are like runes.
I'm very much into music and like all types of music except for rap and Hip Hop. I play 3 instruments, which are piano, guitar and mandolin and love to sing.
I have a few other certificates of completion in energy work and crystal therapy.
I also do reiki healing and enjoy teaching reiki to others as well.

If you'd like to ask any questions about what I do, or if you aren't familiar with the tarot or spiritual matters I'm always willing to educate those who have an open mind.
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