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Username:Siriusly Severus
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Birthday:Thursday, 12-Nov-1992
Webpage:My fanfiction page.
Words of Wisdom:Debate and disagreement does not equate to hatred and not an invitation for ad homonyms; furthermore, confidence isn't a sign of arrogance!
Hobbies/interests:reading writing technology Social commentary research news microblogging Religious philosophy political science audio engineering debate sociology secular philosophy anthropology traveling the city cultural food grammar linguistics academics education special education psychology health fanfiction writing music history history geography economics pedagogy Science mathematical theory constitutional law music collecting MBTI Personality Intellectual discussions
Favorite movies:The Great Debaters Sound of music high noon Harry Potter and the sorcerer stone Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets
Favorite TV shows:
Favorite music:The Crab Family Miles Davis Herby Hancock John Coltrane Florida boys Maranatha singers The Steels The spear family The Hinsons The New hinsons George beverly shea Michael w Smith Billy Cobham Tom lehrer The hoppers Marty Goetz George Formby Gracey fields Flanagan and Allan Steve Green African Children\'s Choir Carolyn Rowden Chris rice Fernando Ortega Golden Gate quartet greater vision george benson Jaco Pastorius Art Porter Bill Bruford Chick Corea Dizzy Gillespie
Favorite books/authors:bible The Glass Castle Jane eyre 1984 A Brave New World Lord Of The rings Harry Potter Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Canterbury Tales Paradise Loss Lord of the flies number the stars The giver Pride and prejudice Shakespeare Great Expectations The Narrative of Frederick Douglass Radical hope The associates Ray Bradbury William Manchester The Incidents In the Life Of a Slave Girl The Lucky Ones Desert exiles common sense The communist Manifesto `
What Siriusly Severus has to say:
Here is an audio sample of my voice, an audio profile.

I am Siriusly Severus because the character I resemble most is Severus Snape
in the Harry Potter books. I thought the name was
nice word play as well. I use to go by Siriusly Lupin on a site once because
Lupin was and is my all time favorite character. However, I think Siriusly
Severus fits me better. to get the word play you have to read it as seriously

On the offset of things, I'll tell you I dislike talking about myself. I am not great
at these profiles but I'll try to construct something coherent. I rather talk on the
ideas which I believe inn. To this end it's somewhat a difficult task for me.

I am often misunderstood and misjudged. my essence puzzle people or seem
incomprehensible. I do not fit in anywhere, and am fine with that, a majority of
the time. Sometimes interaction is difficult because generally people
don't necessarily know how to approach me or relate to me. The conception of
who I am isn't really that easy to sum up and I am so layered, sometimes
contradictory, it tends to be confusing to the majority of the world who I am.
Some are surprise by my actions and behavior if they have not seen me in
certain situations. It depends who you, are, some describe me as one thing and
others describe me as another. These perceptions are often so contradictory and
opposite in nature that it's almost amusing.

I am Rachel Rebecca and I am an non-traditional evangelical Christian foremost,
and a
somewhat non-traditional conservative, not necessarily republican, tea party, or
any really recognized political parties. My MBTI personality type is INTJ. MBTI
stuff fascinate me, I like trying to figure out what people are, sometimes it's
almost obvious, sometimes it really isn't. I am a bit of
an eccentric and know it
rather than wanting to be. I am also rather mindless and zone out most of the
day. It's difficult to place who I am in the confines of a box. I simply do not fit
and never will! I live my life in my head, but still tend to be very
much a pragmatist. I am a hermit and spend much of my time hiding away in
my corner of the universe. If I am not doing this, I am mostly alone and a quiet
observer when I travel. I am not that well engaged in society, only when I want
to be, but am well
respected and generally have a sufficient albeit quiet presence in the
communities to which I belong. I enjoy social isolation, but not to the extreme.
I tend to be intellectual and a bit of a social
commentator. I don't usually show much emotion, and if I do, it's rare and to a
very select few. I am a pescatarian. I am
currently studying Journalism political science, and English. I wish to either be a
political correspondent or columnist. Writing for the education or special
education sections would also be enjoyable. I am less about digging up the
gossip about people and sensationalism but rather about truths and fixing the
broken society. I am rather blunt and do not mince
words, you have been warned. I try to be fair and I'll give anyone a listen in
terms of opinions. I am likely to refute them if I disagree though, and no it
doesn't mean I hate you. I am rather opinionated and honest about my views. .
I will only tell someone what to do in certain situations, mostly when I am asked
to give advice or feel that something has to be done because of situations
people are in. I generally try to tell people what I believe and how I see it,
rather than forcing my opinions on others. I am also very skeptical even cynical
most times, and spend half my days
coming up with ideas to perfect society. I am passionate about my interests. If
you want to change my mind, convince me, and that can be difficult being such
a skeptical, Cynical, and somewhat bitter (I'll admit to that), type of personality.
If you have though consider it an honor. It is a bit easier than it use to be
though. I
dislike small talk and am quiet. Some
people may think I am outgoing only because I tend to be outspoken about my
values, views, premises I hold, and opinions. I also tend to be both a speaker
and listener but I seem more like a speaker because I am, again, extremely
opinionated, articulate, and expressive. I have no patience for ignorance. I
don't mind questions and someone who truly desires to improve.

I tend to watch and observe people. I enjoy intellectual discussions mostly. I
enjoy learning about different perspectives and refining my own. I enjoy
listening and learning new concepts and ideas. I tend to talk about ideas more
than others and their lives.

I tend to be a quick learner and pick up on who others are rapidly. I am usually
an eager learner and study most things. I am a pragmatist though, and prefer
applied theory and applied knowledge.

I have a knack of getting materials without any real efforts, so much so that
actual studying is foreign to me. I grasp concepts easily. My reading
comprehension and level has always been really high. My only challenge in
school is that I work fairly slowly.

I tend to have a rather snarky and sarcastic sense of humor. I enjoy humor
about myself. I also enjoy more integrated humor and generally do not tell
jokes. I am sarcastic but don't use my sarcasm towards others.

I don't think skin deep qualities are important, I am defined by my ideas and
values. I don't abide by social conventions on anything least of all due to skin
deep factors. I also don't believe in tradition and norms. I disagree that just
because I am such a race or identity, I must act in such a fashion because we've
always done it this way. For this reason, you will not find trivial details about
me, in my profile. I suppose you may ask but that's not what is important to

My conception of Christianity is more akin to it being a religious philosophy,
which I believe can be pragmatic. I suppose you can say the seminary school
type of outlook. Yet, I still believe in Jesus and trust God. I believe there is
metaphysical elements such as God and his creation along with Jesus and
humans. Epistemology such as reasoning and values and other aspects of
epistemological logic. Ethics is prominent in the bible. I believe as Christians we
have standards to follow and I try my best to follow them. There is of course
Politics and Aesthetics as well. The list goes on, but I think you get the idea. I
think It's a relationship rather than Dogma to me. I was an atheist up to about
a year and a half ago and an ardent speaker against christianity.

I am not interested in Love or sex,
so it doesn't matter if I
am single or taken. I just ask that you respect that I do not wish to be hit upon.
Thanks! Also, I've been a member on here for nearly 10 years. People change!
do I really have to stress that? My views and opinions from back then may not
represent those that I hold today.
I know I tend to scare people away or puzzle them. Sometimes, I think my
bluntness scares or hurts especially if you incur my temper and frustration. So,
don't try irritating or frustrating me, that is if you don't want to see what
happens. You really probably don't! Humanity tends to do this quite often and
well. Some people can't stand my
opinions and bluntness. I have no actual intentions of this, but seriously, at the
end of the day you're welcome to think what you do of me. I can be pretty
opened to people once I know you better, otherwise I can be rather closed off
and mostly ideological and intellectual based. I try to be polite, quiet,
considerate, and as friendly as I can. I can care deeply and am
extremely loyal, selfless, and integrative, but I have to open up to you first and
somehow convince me you're worth my attention and effort. Sometimes this is
difficult, I confess. I can be hesitant to interact sometimes, however, I try to be
polite. If you get to know me and get me to like you, you can count on me for
almost anything. I tend to be supportive of my friends and truly an passionate
believer in their goals. I tend to go out of my way to help them no matter what
it takes.

I will talk to you at least once, and usually reply and speak more than just once.
I generally come on here for social media purposes, I use this site as an
intellectual platform as I do most of the internet. I come on for the intellectual
conversations on Quicknotes and the boards. I will occasionally play a game.

P.S. If you're curious I go by Siriusly Severus: the Resident INTJ on vorail.
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