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Username:The Sensible Millennial
User ID:8024
Location:The cold and rainy Pacific Northwest
Country:United States
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Status:Voice actors and audio engineers, get in touch. Monster Hunter series in the making
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About Me
Birthday:Saturday, 20-Aug-1988
Webpage:Omg, not words! The Sensible Millennial Blog
Words of Wisdom:In my experience, those who do not like you fall into two categories: The stupid and the envious. The stupid will like you in five years time. The envious, never. (Johnny Dep, The Libertine)
Hobbies/interests:Music, stand up comedy, gaming, writing, swimming, dismanteling and laughing at modern progressivism
Favorite movies:Wide range of things. I like horror, fantasy, mystery, zombie and slasher flicks when I\'m hanging out with friends (the cheesier the better), different strains of comedy
Favorite TV shows:It\'s funny to think that the last time I filled this out was probably eight years ago. Back when TV was still a thing. I mean, it still kind of is, but I feel like it will soon go the way of the VHS tape, you know? We\'ve got the hula and the netpicks now and whatever else the kids\'re doing these days. But nah, I like Grimm, that\'s my most recent favorite and I\'m keeping up with that one pretty closely. There\'s Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad before that. American Horror Story, Once Upon a Time, o
Favorite music:This field used to say gothic deathrock, psychobilly and swamp metal. Man, I was so young. So young and sweet and violent. I still like all that stuff now, but there\'s more. Anything with actual instrumentation and vocals, really. I\'m not a big fan of the electronic stuff (Marilyn Manson and a few other names being the exception to that rule), or the vast majority of hip hop. But I can jam out to Buddy Holly or Godsmack, and most everything in between.
Favorite books/authors:Po, Lovecraft, King, Koontz, Salvitore, Tim Wagoner, more of the horror fantasy stuff. If an author can tell a good story, I will probably read it. Only novels, though. I only read philosophy and so-called self-enriching literature when it\'s assigned in class. Yeah, I know. Poor me.
What The Sensible Millennial has to say:
Millenniel: Noun.
1. Of or relating to a millennium.

2. Relating to or being a group or movement that believes in a coming millennium, as of prosperity or justice.

3. Of or relating to the generation born from the early 1980s to late 1990s, especially in the United States and Canada.

I hear the term more and more often as I get older and involve myself in more serious discussions. "That's not very millennial of you," they say, usually when I say something smart (which, let's be real, is most of the time).

We live in an age of unjustified outrage and shrill entitlement. Generation Y has done its absolute best to go down in the annals of history as being the most easily offended demographic ever to exist. Why? I couldn't even begin to tell you. There are those who argue it's because this generation has not endured any real hard times or pressures like the ones before: no depression, no drout or famine, no revolution unless you count the growth of political correctness and social justice (and I promise, nobody who matters does), no real defining moments or characteristics. Millennials have responded by making it taboo to drink Tequila on May 5th if you are not of South American descent, demanding that men who call themselves Veronica, Precious and Annabella be allowed to share changing rooms with women and girls, and likening appreciative whistles and complements to sexual assault.

I feel like I understand, but I cannot justify, nor even condone it. I am one of the few millennials who see sense. It's jarring to some, someone in my age group, someone of my sexual proclivities, someone of my ethnicity and handicapped status ought to be trying to tear western civilization down via college protests, Tumblr posts and laughing at comedians and commentators who take such joy in pointing out how racist and phobic everything everywhere ever is.
But meh, ain't my style.
I'd much rather start a business, pursue a STEM degree, and have meaningful relationships and interactions with other similarly non-lame people. And that's what I do. When I am not freelance writing or performing, you can find me studying business, mathematics and economics in Portland, between both attending and putting on loud shows, of course. When both of those fail, you'll most certainly find me home reading or gaming, or mocking and interviewing the protesters on the street that always seem to be pissed about something in this city.

In truth, I don't visit The Zone very often: usually not at all unless I hear an interesting tidbit or catch wind of something that motivates me to come stir the pot a little. But for those who wish to learn more, those who wish to debate, or even just bullshit, I am easy to find. You can follow me on twitter at @MillennialSense, you can read my blog at, or even check out the gothic deathrock album I put out when I should've been in college at or Buh-bye baes, be good.
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