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Username:dj outrage
User ID:8069
Location:yorkshire, england
Country:United Kingdom
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Member Since:Tuesday, 22-Jul-2008 10:17:20
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Status:back after a very long break, up for chatting.
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About Me
Birthday:Wednesday, 21-Mar-1990
Words of Wisdom:make love, not war, love as many people as you can and some might love you back
Hobbies/interests:music reading writing record collecting peace
Favorite movies:
Favorite TV shows:
Favorite music:folk, especially english jazz doo wop psychedelic rock from the 60s blues old country pre about 1980, and some newer stuff, too techno drum and bass dubstep and things of that ilk anything beautiful, really.
Favorite books/authors:spike milligan george orwell keets whitman colerage lots of poetry
What dj outrage has to say:
My name's Rob. I'm a university student, studdying music technology, though I leave there soon. I'm a gentle person most of the time, unless you really, really irritate me. I'm about 5 foot 8 with brown hair, medium build. I listen to music and collect records, especially anything gramophone/phonograph related. I'm very affectionate, though not so much if I don't know you. I can also be very shy, and very nerdy about music and books etc, though I have an abbility to make people laugh. I try and see everything in the best possible light, and am often being called a hippie and various other equally non-defining words because I simply love the world, and most of the people in it. However I am a manic depressive, so it's probbably better that you don't catch me on a bad day.
Alrite, that's about it. Message me here if you cair to, or send me an email, or use the abbove means of contact.
Bye for now
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