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User ID:8089
Location:Wouldn't you like to know!!!
Country:United States
Points:228,542 (ranked #1813)
Member Since:Saturday, 26-Jul-2008 20:39:02
Last Logged In:Saturday, 23-Sep-2017 01:14:23 (4 months, 28 days, 15 hours, 5 minutes, 12 seconds ago)
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About Me
Age:18 or over
Webpage:Find me on Facebook!
Words of Wisdom:Dogs have masters; cats have staff.
Hobbies/interests:Swimming Reading Calculus Handling/Training dogs (especially shepherds) Riding/Walking Horses Biking Sailing Gliding Walking Facebooking Sleeping Cuddling the cat
Favorite movies:
Favorite TV shows:House M.D. Star Trek - TNG/DS9/VOY Law and Order - L & O/CI/SVU Sex and The City Family Guy American Dad
Favorite music:Anything that tickles my fancy
Favorite books/authors:Too many to list here, but my Facebook profile lists some of them
What Jadzia_Adrienne_dax has to say:
I have a strange compulsion to cause ruckuses wherever I go, and I love causing as much entropy as possible. I am random and I won't be changing any time soon. I enjoy inteligent people and passing free time away on the Internet. I like to keep overly busy so I don't have too much free time, but right now it abounds.
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