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Username:Austin Phoenix
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Location:Austin TX
Country:United States
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Age:18 or over
Words of Wisdom:Facts are subject to change; truth is eternal. In winter make lemon pie out of life's lemons. Save the lemonaid for summer.
Hobbies/interests:knitting weaving writing cooking ham radio
Favorite movies:Lord of the Rings most Disney Clear and Present Danger Hunt for Red October The Robe The Big Fisherman
Favorite TV shows:Perry Mason Charley Chan Hell's Kitchen Unwrapped Good Eats C.S.I. Numbers The Unit
Favorite music:Too much to mention.
Favorite books/authors:I like anything from Aragon to Mark Twain T. S. Eliot's cat poems/ Kipling, C. S. Louis ...
What Austin Phoenix has to say:
I am a lisenced crisis chaplain which means I help people in traumatic situations after the first responders leave. I'm a single mom and have home schooled all 7 of my kids. There are plenty of large guys around, and there might just be a dog. Molds are for soap, candles, or chocolate; not for people.
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