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User ID:8848
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Member Since:Thursday, 16-Apr-2009 15:38:05
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Status:Embracing new seasons
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About Me
Birthday:Tuesday, 15-Nov-1983
Words of Wisdom:The world has teeth, and it can bite you with them any time it wants. - adapted from Stephen King, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
Hobbies/interests:reading writing swimming chess music, both playing and listening watching baseball good food good humour intelligent discussion Scrabble
Favorite movies:The Green Mile Patch Adams Forest Gump The Lion King (and I refuse to be ashamed of it!) Mrs. Doubtfire Liar Liar Click Mr. Holland\'s Opus Hard Candy Misery
Favorite TV shows:The Simpsons TV hockey or baseball, though I prefer the radio where possible
Favorite music:just about anything, I will try anything once
Favorite books/authors:Stephen King Dean Koontz (at least some of his stuff) Robert Jordan Brandon Sanderson Terry Goodkind (but only his earlier books...the more he writes, the worse he gets) Thomas Harris Daniel Abraham In truth, I read far more than this, but these are the authors that jump readily to mind
What Shepherdwolf has to say:
My name is Gregg. Most of the casual stuff you might want to know is listed above. I am fairly outspoken, but find myself mellowing a bit with age. I am an atheist, but not the pushy kind. I am very talkative once you get me started. I'm told that I am a good listener, however, and friends of mine over the years have said that they value my friendship in fairly large part because of my generally compassionate nature. I play piano, drums, French horn and recorder, though the latter two are sorely in need of practice. Sometimes I have strong opinions, but I am always, always willing to listen, to hear the other side, as it were. Talk to me if you wish. I promise not to bite. I will leave that up to the world in general to do; sooner or later it gets us all. As an aside, if you want to add me to Skype (my address is listed above), feel free to do so, but please do not be offended if the first thing I ask, assuming I am not expecting you, is something like "Who is this?". I do not add anyone and everyone to my contact list, but I will talk to just about anyone at least once. The world is full of interesting people.
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