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Username:jazz fan
User ID:9059
Location:my roomhe
Points:31,932,302 (ranked #964)
Member Since:Friday, 03-Jul-2009 04:56:49
Last Logged In:Thursday, 15-Feb-2018 11:13:11 (3 days, 3 hours, 46 minutes, 49 seconds ago)
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About Me
Age:18 or over
Words of Wisdom:just be kind and happy to peopal you meat and friendly to them
Hobbies/interests:listening to foot ball and rugbey matches and my friday drinking club
Favorite movies:the mask, only falls and horses, kevin bluddy wilson and little monsters
Favorite TV shows:the chase pointless big brake egg heds father ted and match of the day also ded ringers and dad\'s armey an finally only falls and horses
Favorite music:jazz music such as frank cinartraand also andey williams and nat king caul dance like what ever comes on radio 1 on a friday night and old stuf like the 80\'s
Favorite books/authors:the storey tapes that i have like the hobbit and saturday night and sunday morning and and cross bones and the john grisham books
What jazz fan has to say:
i am a kind gi who's blind and also i am a d j here in france doing gigs for alsorts of people but I don't d j as much now because I have a bad back well i guess thats all i have to say but if you do wan't to get to kno me then just qn me and maybe we will have a chat hope to hear from some of you. so see you on the site.
i have brown eyes reddy hare and I also like a good drink of beere
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