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Location:Palmdale CA
Country:United States
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Birthday:Friday, 21-Mar-1980
Webpage:The monty's rants blog and podcast
Words of Wisdom:Sharing files is not a crime and shouldn't be treated as such, don't let the RIAA and MPAA scare you!
Hobbies/interests:Amateur radio space shuttle computers weather
Favorite movies:Apollo 13 Flight Plan Armageddon Dante's Peak Frequency Contact United 93 War games others
Favorite TV shows:Are you smarter than a 5th grader CSI CSI Miami others
Favorite music:Enya Clannad George Straight Alan Jackson Rihanna Others
Favorite books/authors:R.L. Stine tim Lahaye Beverley Cleary
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Hello my name is Monty,, and Iam interested in internet technology, amateur radio, and playing Poker on a site called all in play which can be reached at and I hope to meet cool people here. I've been a member for some time, but only now have I finally decided to do anything with my account. Hope I have lots of fun here.