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Username:Jack Off Jill
User ID:11119
Location:under your bed, can you see me?
Country:United States
Points:571,443,986 (ranked #678)
Member Since:Saturday, 03-Sep-2011 17:33:13
Last Logged In:Saturday, 05-Aug-2017 23:12:55 (3 months, 21 days, 6 hours, 7 minutes, 26 seconds ago)
Status:equal rights, equal lefts, fight for your right to exist
Times Logged In:2593 (ranked #305)
Board Posts:335
Last post in topic:Text-Based iPhone Games/Other Accessible Games for VO Users
Graffiti posts (not including anonymous):343
About Me
Birthday:Friday, 25-Aug-1995
Words of Wisdom:actions are different, when it is considered outside affections. a relationship is inside, and there is always a bit more depth in that. - my own quote
Hobbies/interests:skating reading shopping writing reading poetry eating waffles reading and watching anime playing video games
Favorite movies:the phantom of the opera nightmare before christmas grandma\'s boy the skeleton key sweeny todd the tale tale heart epic movie harry potters movies it team america world police documentaries
Favorite TV shows:foster\'s home for imaginary friends billy and mandy true blood sailor moon witchblood darker then black south park family guy full metal alchemist orginal full metal alchemist brotherhood metalnocolips true blood merlin death note bleach\' dragon ball z
Favorite music:otep yeah yeah yeahs jack off jill lacuna coil scarling cradle of filth shiny toy guns garbage in this moment metric darkest hour in flames icp nightwish silent descent blue foundation poe no doubt pendulum nine inch nails malice mizer static x the kovnant forgotten tomb ffdp prodigy enthrone enslaved dark messiah screams of cold winter a foot in the grave a dead god infernal war astral winter journey
Favorite books/authors:Stan Rice dorothy morison anne rice h.p. lovecraft Jeane C\'clartney edgar allan poe harry potter series southern vampire series Linda Goodman Anne rice vampire cronicles sleeping beauty trilogy
What Jack Off Jill has to say:
not much to say honestly, I'm going to school still, have a four month beautiful baby girl. Five feet, 125 pounds, hazel green eyes, black hair. Still have a passion for ballet, alice in wonderland, random things. I hate making profiles.
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